IE Tweak De'Jour

by Jackhamer


IE Tweak De'Jour

Windows 95 and up
Internet Explorer 5+


I use this program to tweak little odds and ends of Internet Explorer. Some of the tweaks are found in Internet Explorer and some are not.

Note: some functions will be grayed out that are not available in your version of Internet Explorer.

Select a Background Bitmap for Internet Explorer Toolbar: This tweak allows you to choose a a bitmap image to display as the background for the explorer toolbars.
Change Internet explorer window Title: This setting allows you to customize Internet Explorer by using your own window title. For example you could rename IE to 'Bite Me' or anything else you like!

Restore Default Animated Internet Explorer Logo: Do you want to return the MS IE logo in Internet Explorer that a program overwrote and replaced with its own? Use this tweak to restore the original MS logo.

Maximum Number of Concurrent Downloads: To abide by the HTTP specifications Windows limits the number of simultaneous connections that it will make to a single HTTP (web) server. The behavior can be seen when downloading multiple files from a web site only a certain number (2 or 4) will be active at any one time. This tweak removes this limit. Note that your browser will no longer be compliant. But it will be lots faster and enable more than the 2 downloads at a time.

Default Internet Explorer Download Directory: This setting is used to specify which directory should be used as the default location to save downloaded files retrieved using Internet Explorer.

Disable Internet Explorer Error Reporting: This setting allows you to control whether the error reporting tool, which reports browser debugging errors to Microsoft, is active in Internet Explorer 6.0.

Enable the hidden 5th security zone in Internet Explorer: You actually have a 5th, hidden, security zone in your IE6 Internet Options->Security->Zones know as "My Computer". You can protect yourself from your own system. It's normally kept hidden on purpose because the average user doesn't need to lock down their system. One possible reason (just a guess) is that it might help stop the spread of trojans and bad ActiveX controls. e-mail me if u know.

Disable Internet Explorer Password Caching: Keep windows from saving your internet passwords.

Hide Rarely Visited Websites: Hides favorite web pages that are rarely visited under the favorites menu.

Automatically check for Internet Explorer Updates: Internet Explorer 5 and higher has the ability to automatically check for software updates. This tweak controls that feature.

Hide Internet Explorer Icon on Desktop: Removes that Internet explorer icon from your desktop or return a deleted one.

Kill Internet Explorer ABOUT:URL: Do you ever find yourself with a web page in your toolbar that will not display or close. This is usually caused by the ABOUT:URL. This option keeps that pesky ABOUT:URL from coming up with a web page.

Clear Internet Explorer Cache On close: As you all know, Internet Explorer has a habit of consuming large amounts of disk space for a cache. This tweak lets Internet Explorer clean up the cache every time it's closed.
This tweak will save disk space, but will slow down your next visit to the same page.

Enable Auto Append Completion: This setting controls whether the automatic text completion (AutoComplete) feature of Windows explorer appends the suggested text to the words as you are typing as well as showing a drop-down list of available values.

Clear Internet Explorer Typed History: Clears all the text typed in IE.

Select Internet Explorer Toolbar Buttons: These settings allow you to hide and disable specific buttons on the Internet Explorer toolbar.